How do I cancel my Premium Membership?

Go to your Membership Account page and click on Cancel. You can also contact us.

Do I have to be Black to use this site?

Black & Poly Dating is open to all races and ethnicities. As part of our mission, we center the voices of people of the African Diaspora in educating the community about polyamory.

Can I find a sister wife here?

The “poly” in Black & Poly stands for polyamory. While we recognize that many black cultures have participated in polygamy and especially polygyny, this website is not designed to help people looking for group marriages.

I’m interested in swinging or lifestyle events.

Black & Poly supports ethical non-monogamy in its many forms, but we are not primarily designed to help people find opportunities for swinging.

Can I block/report a member?

You can block a member, which means you won’t be able to receive their private messages, view their activity, view their comments or see their profile. And of course, vice versa.

When you report a member, only the admin is notified. We will review their profile and take appropriate action.

Why did my Private Message button disappear?

Free members can only send five private messages in an hour. Upgrade to send unlimited messages.

How do I restrict my profile?

To change your profile visibility, click here.

How do I add more pictures?

Go to the Photos section of your profile. You can find this in the menu under My Profile.

I don’t see myself on the map.

When you type in “My Location,” you must choose a city/state from drop down box provided. If you don’t, your location will not be put on the map. For privacy, please only put your city and state as your location. Do not enter your full address.

How do I search more fields?

The search box is on the bottom of the Member Directory in mobile view. On the Location Search page, click on Search Profile Fields. You will be able to choose other profile fields to search under.

How do I change my username?

You can change your displayed name when you edit your profile.

How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! You can delete your account by going to Account settings in the menu.

Something is not working.

Contact us by email and we’ll try to help you out!